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The method of idea for Naming

The method of idea for Naming
It was written clearly to understand with many concrete examples, about the approach of naming and the steps of development for naming of item/company, and the way to deal with the trademark right. And a lot of elements which is the hint for Naming are in it. It’s good to be used as the manual for actual naming development.

Publisher: Nikkei
Publication date: February 2002
ISBN-10: 4532108497
ISBN-13: 978-4532108496


  1. What’s the naming
  2. The process of naming
  3. “Invention of Words” which is coined in conformity with the method
  4. “Discovery of Words” which is found from the dictionary
  5. The method of idea for Naming with the different viewpoint
  6. How to protect the right of naming

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