Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Is it available to ask only for advice on the naming created within the company?

Naming is an operation which is quite difficult to get partly involved in. To evaluate the naming, we have to be thoroughly versed in the products and market. On that basis, we comprehensively verify the adequacy of concept or consistency in direction of naming.
Naming is an essential element in brand strategy. We think it is difficult to accomplish a responsible work on a piecemeal basis.
For those reasons, fragmentary advice is not available.
Q2.Does ZYXYZ accept a competition style order?

In competition style order, it seems to be impossible to construct a closer communication with our clients. We think it is the best way for naming that our client and we mutually understand and are fully convinced. Therefore, a competition style order is not acceptable basically.
Q3.What does a branding project cost?

Naming cost depends on its size and amount of work. We give an estimate on a case-by-case basis.
Registration of trademark right is a high hurdle to cross in naming. The more categories to obtain, the more difficulty of work. Accordingly it results in a higher cost.
For instance, a trademark right in a single category in the domestic registration or trademarks in multiple categories in both domestic and overseas registration makes substantial difference in difficulty of name development.
Furthermore, overseas search or native check, if necessary, will require additional expenses.
In some cases, searching expense is more expensive than naming fee. Estimated costs versus budget should be taken into account before commencing work.
Q4.How long will it take to complete a project?

As a typical case of corporation naming, it takes about 1 month from orientation to proposal of naming (not including trademark search).
For naming of goods or services, we flexibly respond needs of our clients.
Please feel free to contact us for any questions.
Q5.Is it possible to reconstruct naming in case the proposal is unacceptable?

In order to satisfy our client’s needs, we offer a broad range of names looking from a lot of viewpoints for each subject. If you can not consent as a result is, will work again.
However, it will be very difficult to start over if you can only say “Somehow I don’t like it”. You will need to give us concrete and specific points. We will examine the cause of deviation.
To avoid such a situation, we start the naming process by understanding your intent. At every key milestones, we will ask you to check and approve. We believe that the process is needed for efficient and effective outcome.

Please note that if the concept is changed significantly in development process of naming, it will require additional charges as a new project.