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Roles of naming in brand development

The core of brand and an important staring point of brand construction

In order to build up a brand, various elements are required. Among them ‘naming’ plays a key role, as the core of brand which expresses its own identity.

If the name becomes widely known among the consumers, and if it invokes its distinctive brand image, the name realizes effective functions as a communication tool.

Also, naming marks the starting point of brand construction and offers the direction to proceed as a vector.

The name, which accurately represents the concept, serves an important driving power for brand cultivation and progress, if it is comprehensively developed in connection with design or communication performance in later stages.

Building a coherent brand identity

Functions of a brand name

Naming plays various essential roles in brand structuring.
Among them, the following 3 functions are the key elements for naming.
It is significant to have a precise view of the brand concept and image, in order to create a name which satisfies these functions.

Distinctive function from others

Distinctiveness is fundamental to naming.
Especially, development of a differentiated name is indispensable. A similar name to competing goods causes confusion of consumers.

Conveying function of concept

Naming accurately illustrative of an original concept wins the hearts of people. Moreover, naming will be a straight and efficient communication tool, by transmission of characteristics or attractiveness throught naming.

Image appealing function

Impression of naming depends a great deal on the sense of words rather than meaning.
It is the fact that the impression obviously affects image-building of goods or services. With the aim to realize the potential functions of name, it is important to create a name representing the image of brand’s world-view, as well as reflecting the concept.

Among these, “conveying function of concept” is the most important element in developing brand names.
However, as the point to be emphasized will be different depending on market conditions and properties of the object. Therefore, in each case, it is required to consider the priority.

Representation of brand concept

For the brand name development, multilateral view is needed to clarify the appeal point.

For example, “a cone” looks different if you look at it from a different angle. Depending on the point of focus or capture, the name to be completed will vary greatly.

When we find words that should be focused on, we create a brand name replacing the words to the other language or coining words as necessary.

In the process of development, it is important to ascertain whether the name expresses the concept and the client sympathizes with it.

Clarify the appeal point

Capture an object from different angles.

* A cone looks like a triangle from the side, a circle from the bottom, and a point bounded by a circle from the top. The appearance is different depending on the angle.

Clarifying the appeal point

Creation of the brand name

Invention of words (Natural language)

In order to derive a word to accurately represent the concept of the object, not only Japanese or English, an extensive language becomes a vein.
Being able to understand the characteristics of each word and make use of them, a brand name close to the image can be created.

Invention of the word (coined word)

By creating an unprecedented word, it is possible to fully show individuality and to define the identity. Also, a coined word has an advantage of being easier to obtain trademark than natural language.
Further, the word that logically created is easy to have double and treble meaning.

Process of name development

Name development for the purpose of the registration of trademark rights

We conduct name development on the premise of obtaining trademark rights.
Basic process of name development is as follows. However, for more detail, we will meet the diversified needs of our clients and subject of naming.
  • Orientation
    Preparatory reserch

    • Understanding of naming objective and brand concept
    • Reserch of competing names
  • Consideration of naming directions

    • Clarification of value to be expressed
    • Development of concept for naming
  • Brand name

    • Creation of names
    • Online trademark serch
    • Selection of names to be proposed
  • Presentation
    (around 10 names)

    • Decision of a brand name
    • (If necessary, trademark search by patent office and negative word check are available)

Construct a coherent brand

ZYXYZ definitely recognizes the essential roles of brand name.
We develop comprehensive naming from a perspective of subsequent communication expansion.
For the purpose of procession of our intention put into the name, we can introduce a design office with many achivements for logo mark development and application development.