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“Brand-name Birth Story” by Keiko Yokoi was published from Chuokoron-Shinsha


On 25th March 2012, The book “Brand-name Birth Story” written by Keiko Yokoi was published from Chuokoron-Shinsha.

It’s because that she thought “Importance of a name, Process for decision of it, and the drama of backstage, which I want the readers to experience for themselves”, then, she wrote the details about the tracks of her mind for the examples which she has been taking part in the development. And it contains specific technique for her devises of Brand-name, so that it can be functioning as writing of her record for Brand Development.

We wish this book can be not only just the Brand-name Development, but also a chance for you to find delight and meanings of the power or possibility which the words have potentially.

Size: approx. 188 mm × 130 mm / 256 pages
Price: JPY 1,470
ISBN Code: ISBN978-4-12-004362-8

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