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Lectured at the lecture meeting under the auspices of Japan Management Association.

On 22nd November 2013, our president Ms.Keiko Yokoi lectured at “Joint Lecture Meeting for JMI Annual Workshop & Ichigukai member” under the auspices of Japan Management Association held at the meeting room in Shinagawa Front Building. She talked with the theme “Power of Word”, about Philosophy of the brand name development, Case Study, Introduction of the contribution activities of a nonprofit organization XYZ (crosswise) and so on, and it could be received really good reviews from many participants.

Some comments from the participants are as follows.

  • It was wonderful lecture. As I’ve never thought about “Word” deeply like this lecture, I could make a discovery about the possibility of the word. (Manufacturing industry: Human affairs manager)
  • Name is used for humans, products, and companies in its lifetime. This lecture made me think the importance to name with “heart” and “spirit”. (anonymous)
  • I think Ms.Yokoi has had pains to create, however, her talk was stirring. I feel my head was revitalized. The lecture made me think about deep “Power of Word”. (Manufacturing industry: Sales manager)
  • Interpretation and idea of naming could be very useful to think about brand strategies from now on. The cases were easy to understand for me, and some hardships could be a good reference for our company. (Manufacturing industry: Technology manager)
  • I thought everything could be looked as many things with many viewpoints. However I’ve judged with my viewpoint, if I changed the view, new idea can be appeared, and I might have missed many things. I was realized it today. (Distribution industry: Purchasing manager)
  • To think naming and new business idea are similar, and I could get new viewpoint today. (Commercial pursuits: Human affairs manager)
  • I was really interested in interest and hardship, how Ms.Yokoi let the wonder angleof the word has the power with effective practical use. (Service industry: Executive)
  • I didn’t know that many brands which are topical lately has been created by President Ms.Yokoi. It was so interesting about the inside story of branding. I felt strength of special feeling for Word and Name. I was impressed by Ms.Yokoi’s delicacy. (Building industry: Executive)
  • It’s really great results for 30 years of President Ms.Yokoi! As a concept and grouping are also elements for technique development, I want to expect the evolution in the future. However this is my self-interest, my dream will be come true if you develop naming which has influence that provides a delight for people listening to the word.(anonymous)
  • I was surprised earnestly, as she has great sensibility and fixation. I felt that I want to think about the meaning of the words which are used ordinary unintentionally. I feel that her picture book is on a high level as well. (Service industry: President)
  • I was impressed by great presentation of President Ms.Yokoi. I could realize that magic of the word. (Commercial pursuits: President)
  • I felt that the lecture was filled with her talent. I thought it’s great that she has been setting her ideal high. (Infrastructure industry: Executive)
  • It was so easy to understand and interesting about the products name. And I also could understand about XYZ and its activities. The tempo of her talk was nice, and her voice was easy to catch as it’s clear. (Service industry: Human affairs)

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