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Attended Opening Ribbon-cutting for “Marunouchi OAZO”

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On 14th September, “Marunouchi OAZO” opened.

“OAZO” consists of “O (= circle)” of Marunouchi area (maru = circle) and “O” of Otemachi is connected comprehensively “AZ”, and it is the name which means “Office & Amenity ZOne”.

“OAZO” also means “oasis, place of relaxation” in Esperanto, so it can be the place as the oasis of new Marunouchi, which attracts many topics.

Yokoi who is godparent of “OAZO” attended Opening Ribbon-cutting, with President of MITSUBISHI ESTATE, President of Nippon Life Insurance Company, Honorary mayor of London, President of Chuo-Fudosan, President of MARUZEN, President of MARUNOUCHI HOTEL.

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