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SIGMAXYZ CEO Mr. Hideki Kurashige writes about naming process on his “CEO Diary”

Details of the decision for Naming “SIGMAXYZ” which we took part in that development was introduced by Mr. Hideki Kurashige on “Nikkei Business Online, CEO Diary”.

— Picked out from Nikkei Business Online “CEO Diary of Mr. Hideki Kurashige” —

“You order naming our company to outside?  What can the management do in case of he can’t name it for himself!”

I answered a staff as above, who asked me that he wants to order naming of our company to Ms. Keiko Yokoi of “ZYXYZ”, when we had been preparing before foundation. I had thought that to ask naming the company someone, is slowdown of work.

According to that staff, Ms. Yokoi is a designer of naming, and has been developing the company’s name of the telecommunications companies, a financial institutions and so on. I didn’t know such job “Naming the company” exists. I thought just “I see…”, but I didn’t feel like meeting its designer at that time.

But the staff who didn’t give up, set the meeting with her when I noticed. Finally I gave away, started to have a relation with her from exchange of business cards dubiously. “What kind of the company do you want to create?” Ms. Yokoi asked me. I answered, “We want to create the worth and happiness with the collaboration with the clients, the business partners, and our company”, this is what we have been thinking for a long time.

Company’s name which embodied our vision was born

After that, Ms. Yokoi’s proposal activity was started and it was the continuity of surprise for me. Company’s vision and thought were phrased with the name plan, and it became three-dimensional. The discussion around the name plan with project member of establishment who came from each company, and our abstract thought became verbalizing little by little. That process was stimulating for me.

She sometimes told us to stop when we started to be enthusiastic about choosing the name itself. Naming is a work to inspire the company which is before birth with the spirit, with Ms.Yokoi as the facilitator.

This is how the company’s name SIGMAXYZ was born. XYZ means the client, partner and us. Also it has the meaning of unknown quantity that is infinite possibility. That means Σ (SIGMA), it was named with our thought of creating ultimate worth (MAX). XYZ indicates 3 axes, it comes from our attitude that we want to catch things with three dimensions. And the word “AXIS” is hid in SIGMAXYZ.

Our company which is trying to create the business worth of the clients, propose to them with technology component and business component in combination. Ms. Yokoi’s work to be linked with the company’s name and vision which are base points of Brand management, has big meanings at corporate strategy. If the clients want, we may propose about the business component of naming development with the partner Ms. Yokoi’s help in the future, I think now.

However, who could expect our thought “We want to create the worth and happiness with the collaboration with the clients, the business partners, and our company”, can be phrased with the company’s name “SIGMAXYZ”?  The person who was surprised by it, may be me who made the vision. I felt admiration meekly for that there is the work which can be done by only professional on earth.

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