Nikkei Industry Newspaper reports on the software “ABCname”

February 3, 2005

Our naming software “ABCname” was reported on Nikkei Industry Newspaper.

Attended Opening Ribbon-cutting for “Marunouchi OAZO”

September 14, 2004

On 14th September, “Marunouchi OAZO” had the opening ceremony.

Contributed to “Sendenkaigi” magazine

June 1, 2004

“Best 50 Marketers. – The hit technique trained by many experiences. -”

Interview article on the “Nikkei”

May 31, 2004

“The career tracks”

Interview dialogue was published on PR brochure of Osaka University of Foreign Studies

May 31, 2004

“Power of Words” which opens the era.
- Flap wings to the world with making oneself master of Words.-

Interview article on “Nikkei Design”

April 24, 2004

Featured article: “This is the difference of the strong naming!
- Design which is protected with the trademark rights and loved at a selling area. -”

Contributed to “Weekly Toyo Keizai”

February 14, 2004

Featured article: “With this way, it can be loved long. – The secret of long-seller. -”

Column on “The Nikkei”

July 11, 2003

The Nikkei’s Column “Prism Gendai (Modern Times)” writes about professional naming, bringing some of our work for examples.

Won “Japan Society of Kansei Engineering Prize of the 2002 academic year”

September 13, 2002

Keiko Yokoi won “Japan Society of Kansei Engineering Prize of the 2002 academic year” from Japan Society of Kansei Engineering.

Interview article by Asahi Shimbun “be”

May 25, 2002

Interview article with Keiko Yokoi was published on the 1st and 2nd pages of the featured article “Front Runner” of Asahi Shimbun “be”.